Why Husky ski school?

Dedicated instructors

Come with family or friends and learn to ski together. Thanks to our highly-trained and experienced instructors, you’ll soon overcome your apprehension and be enjoying the slopes! Even if you are getting on a snowboard for just the second time in your life, we will help you  master the technique and after just a few lessons you will be dashing down the piste.

Ideal conditions

Whether the winter is mild or severe, the Benecko region is always perfect for skiing. Skiing on good terrain and gentle slopes will help boost your confidence. Our fully-trained instructors use both proven and modern methods to ensure that you  quickly master the techniques of skiing. Don’t delay - book your next lesson now!

Ski school offer

Individual lessons

We offer individual lessons exclusively for you. You pick a time to suit you and our instructor will be here  for you. Individual lessons are the most effective way of learning and are ideal for both learners to quickly develop their technique without stress and for those looking to improve their technique and style.

Individuální výuka Husky
Individuální výuka Husky
Dětská výuka Husky
Dětská výuka Husky

Children's lessons

We teach children from the age of 3 with great success. Nothing beats an individual lesson and we recommend these because the instructor can fully focus on only one child at a time and can adapt the pace and style according to the individual. In addition to teaching, we have prepared animation programmes. On Sundays, we organize Snow Games for the children to get to know the instructors. At the end of the week there are “Slalom Special” races in which all competitors receive a reward. You can find more information in the ACTIONS section..

Family lessons

These lessons are specifically for families and friends in groups of two or more people. You set the duration and pace of teaching and can choose downhill, cross-country or snowboarding. Nothing  beats the joy of being on snow with family and friends. Teaching is a bit slower than with individual lessons, but it is all the more fun for that. Such lessons are not suitable for combinations of a small child with an adult or a complete beginner with a more advanced skier - the differences between the skills and teaching methods are too great for the teaching to be effective.

Rodinná výuka Husky
Rodinná výuka Husky
Výuka na běžkách Husky

Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing lessons – we are one of the few ski schools to offer cross-country skiing lessons. The ski area in Benecko and its adjacent cross-country runs are purposefully created for teaching classical and freestyle. If you do not want to chance the downhill slopes or have had enough of them but would still like to enjoy the snow-capped peaks, why not try cross-country skiing? You don't have to go at a great pace but can enjoy a gentle hike with friends. We offer individual and family lessons.

Book your lesson on tel .: +420 607 720 103 or write to us

Husky ski school price list

Private lessons

Family lessons for 4 or more people

Number of lessons 1 person 2 persons 3rd person and each additional person
1 – 4 lessons  470 CZK / lesson + 150 CZK / lesson + 100 CZK / lesson
5 – 9 lessons 450 CZK / lesson + 150 CZK / lesson + 100 CZK / lesson
10 and more lessons 430 CZK / lesson + 150 CZK / lesson + 100 CZK / lesson

Price list per number of lessons and persons

Počet lekcí 1 person 2 persons 3 persons
1 lesson 470 CZK 620 CZK 720 CZK
2 lessons 940 CZK 1 240 CZK 1 440 CZK
3 lessons 1 410 CZK 1 860 CZK 2 160 CZK
4 lessons 1 880 CZK 2 480 CZK 2 880 CZK
5 lessons 2 250 CZK 3 000 CZK 3 500 CZK
6 lessons 2 700 CZK 3 600 CZK 4 200 CZK
7 lessons 3 150 CZK 4 200 CZK 4 900 CZK
8 lessons 3 600 CZK 4 800 CZK 5 600 CZK
9 lessons 4 050 CZK 5 400 CZK 6 300 CZK
10 lessons 4 300 CZK 5 800 CZK 6 800 CZK
additional lessons 430 CZK 600 CZK 680 CZK

  • 1 lesson = 50 minutes
  • Ski pass is not included in the price.
  • The ski school does not provide accident insurance for clients in classes.
  • The cancellation fee for lessons cancelled less than 24 hours before the start of the lesson is 200CZK. There is no cancellation fee for lessons cancelled more than 24 hours in advance.
  • Adverse weather conditions is not a valid reason for cancelling a lesson.

What does our ski school look like?